Office of the Registrar

The Registrar of a University shall be appointed by the Council upon the recommendation of a Selection Committee, the composition of which shall be prescribed by Ordinance. He shall be a full-time officer of that University and shall exercise, perform and discharge such powers, duties, and functions as may be conferred or imposed on or assigned to him by this Act or by any appropriate Instrument.

The Registrar shall be responsible for the custody of the records and the property of the University, Ex officio secretary of the Council and the Senate, Assistant Accounting Officer of the University, Subject to the direction and control of the Vice-Chancellor, be responsible for the general administration of the University and the disciplinary control of its non-academic staff.


Mr. K. K. K. Dharmathilaka

94112 911 569 / 94112 903 102



  • Managing Agrahara Insurance
  • Issuing University car passes

Office Staff

Ms. Y. A. D. Sugandanie
Personal Assistant to the Registrar
94112 903 103

Ms Y. P. Liyanaarachchi
Management Assistant Grade III

Mr. M. G. N. H. Kularatne
Works Aide

Former Registrars

Mr. D P P Samarasekara
Mr. M D G Aberathna
Mr. D D P Samarasekara
Mr. N B Amarasinghe
Mr. K A S L Jayathissa
Mr. W M Karunarathna

Contact Information

2nd Floor, Administration Building

Personal Secretary

Mrs. Y. A. D. Sugandanie

94112 903 103


94112 908 167