01. Research

Research Grant Application
Guidelines to apply for University Research Grants
Research grant agreement form
Progress summary sheet
Request for extension
Guidelines for Preparation of final report
Evaluation form for Final Reports

02. Field Visits

Application to obtain prior approval for the field visits

03. Financial Assistance for Publications

Guidelines & Application to obtain funds to print academic journals by the student's societies
Guidelines & Application to obtain funds to print academic journals from the Departments
Guidelines & Application to request loans for academic publications
Guidelines & Application to request financial assistance to print PhD thesis

04. Corporate Plan & Action Plan

Format for the 5 year Corporate Plan
Action plan format for the Action Plan
Guidelines for preparation of Corporate Plan & Action Plan
Goals, Objectives, Strategies & KPIs

05. Progress Report of Action Plan

Format of the Progress report
Instructions for the preparation of progress report

06. Kalyani Journal

Author Guidelines for Kalyani Journal
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