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♦ Student's Centre

The Student's Centre is open from 6.00 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. on working days except during the vacation. The officer-in-charge is available from 8.00 a.m. to 4.15 p.m. Reading and sports facilities are provided here.

The Book Shop

This is located at the entrance to the Student Centre.

Photocopying Service

Facilities are provided at the Student Centre, Main Library and Faculty of Medicine for the students to make photocopies.

Canteens, Shops and Milk Bars

  • Dr. C.W.W. Kannangara Hostel Canteen and Grocery
  • Bandaranayake Hostel Canteen and Grocery
  • Yakkaduwe Pragnarama Hostel Canteen and Grocery
  • Students' Hostel Canteen and Grocery
  • Staff Canteen
  • Students' Restroom Canteen
  • Students' Restroom Milk Bar
  • Students' Centre Canteen
  • Science Faculty Canteen
  • University Milk Bar
  • Students' Restroom Grocery and Milk Bar
  • University Book Shop
  • Saloon
  • Students' Centre Photocopy Service
  • Library Photocopy Service
  • Medical Faculty Photocopy Service
  • Medical Faculty Hostel Canteen
  • Medical Faculty Canteen and Milk Bar
  • Medical Faculty Grocery
  • Management Faculty Canteen

Common Rooms

There are separate common rooms for clergy, female and male students on the upper floor of the Student Centre.

Peoples Bank - Kelaniya Branch

This bank is situated at the entrance to the University on the Colombo - Kandy Road.  It provides students with banking facilities and disburses Mahapola scholarships.

Post Office

Main post office, Kelaniya, is situated at Wedamulla, Kelaniya on the Colombo- Kandy road. A sub post office is situated in the premises of the University of Kelaniya, adjacent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Monthly Season Tickets

Officers of Kelaniya bus depot come to the University at the end of every month to issue season tickets of the Sri Lanka Transport Board. Season tickets are issued at the office of the Student Centre. In addition to that applications for railway season tickets are issued in January and July every year at the Student Welfare Division.


Extension of Year 5 Scholarship

Students who have been entitled to Year 5 Scholarships can get them extended for university education. However, the students who receive Mahapola scholarship or other bursaries are not eligible for extension of the Year 5 Scholarship. Such students must inform the Senior Assistant Registrar (Students’ Welfare Division) in writing, that they have received another scholarship.

Mahapola Scholarships

Under this scheme a student is paid an approved monthly stipend during her/his period as a registered undergraduate. Funds for medical students are paid through the People’s Bank branch, Ragama and all other students are paid through the People’s Bank branch, Kelaniya.


The applications are called by the University during the academic year for the selection of suitable students for Bursaries. An approved monthly stipend is paid to the eligible students. The students who are not entitled to receive Mahapola or other scholarships are eligible to apply for a bursary.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University has the authority to cancel or temporarily suspend instalments of a scholarship or a bursary due to following reasons:

  1. Irregular attendance at lectures, tutorials and practical classes
  2. Misbehavior in or outside  university premises
  3. Becoming eligible for more than one scholarship or bursary
  4. Not registering for the academic year
  5. Obtaining paid employment (If employed after registration at the university, the student must inform the Student Welfare Division).

Students are required to produce the Identity Card issued by the university to obtain their bursaries, Mahapola or other scholarships.

Other Scholarships

Apart from government scholarships, there are other scholarships awarded by other institutes and persons.

The University Grants Commission awards scholarships to students who are not eligible for any other form of financial assistance.

There are other scholarships awarded by institutions and individuals. Students are informed of these opportunities through notices placed in common meeting places of the University.

Student Welfare Fund

The Student Welfare Fund is created to provide financial assistance during death or serious injuries/accidents of a student while studying. Students should register through the student welfare division’s web page in order to be eligible for this benefit.

Vice Chancellors Fund

This fund has been established to provide limited financial assistance to the students under very special circumstances. Further information about this fund can be obtained from the Student Welfare Division.

Welfare Fund

This fund has been established to provide financial assistance to academics, non-academics and students during the death of their parents. One member can apply only once a year.



 Hostel Facilities and Wardens of Student Hostels

Hostel facilities are provided for a limited number of students by the university. These hostels are situated within the university premises and outside. Staff members are appointed to be part time wardens of those hostels. The entrance fee to the hostel is Rs.100/-. In addition to that, hostel fee for an academic year is Rs.500/-. This should be paid at the beginning of every academic year. First year students have to pay additional Rs. 500/- as a non-refundable deposit.

Selected students should report to the hostel on the given date. Actions are taken to fill the vacancies for those who do not come within 07 days from the due date. Total hostel fee should be paid valid from the due date. Actions are taken to charge thrice as the fee if payments are not settled on due date.

The permission is not given to enter the hostel, until the total hostel fee is settled by the students.

At the beginning of every academic year, hostel committee is appointed under the leadership of the warden. Reporting of welfare of the students and forwarding recommendations to the warden are the responsibilities of such committees. The list wardens and full time sub wardens of the student hostels is given below.


Hostel Rules and Regulations

 (a) The allocation of rooms for students is done by the relevant sub-warden.

 (b) A student should not change the room without the permission of the full time sub warden.

 (c) Students should come to the hostels at least by 10.00 p.m. Also, they should respect the privacy of other students.

 (d) No student should disturb others in the room or outside.

 (e) Students should not give accommodation facilities to a member of the university or outsider without the permission of the full time sub warden/warden.

 (f) No student should change the furniture in rooms without the permission of the full time sub warden/warden.

 (g) Furniture of the rooms shouldn’t be kept in balcony or outside the rooms.

 (h) They should be responsible individually as well as collectively of the furniture in a room where more than one student is living. Cost for lost or damaged furniture is charged from responsible person or persons.

 (i) Students should not keep any other instrument of the hostel except what is given to him for personal use.

 (j) Keys of the rooms and other instruments issued to the students should be handed over to the full time sub warden/warden at the beginning of the vacation period.

 (k) Illegal entrance to a hostel during the vacation is prohibited.

Use of Personal Electric Items

Electric items other than those provided by the university should not be used without prior permission of the full time warden. Such instruments used with the permission of the fulltime sub warden, should be checked and approved by an electrician of the university.

Rules associated with leaving the hostel

(a) No student should leave the hostel before 6.00 a.m. without the permission of the sub warden/warden. Male residents shouldn't leave the hostel after 10.00 p.m. without the permission of the sub warden/warden.

(b) When the resident comes back after the vacation the permission should be handed over to the warden.


  • No resident should seek private medical help without informing the medical officers of the University first. But, the warden has the power to give external medical treatment at a special case. Such a occasions it should be informed to the university medical officer as soon as possible.
  • No student associations can be started at the hostel without the permission of the warden. No guest can be invited to deliver lectures without the permission of the warden.


(a) The warden can order any visitor to leave the hostel if he/she feels it is necessary.

(b) A female student should not call any male visitors to her room and a male student should not call any female visitors to his room without the permission of the warden.

 Residents should refrained from giving tips to the domestic staff.

Drunk behavior: Taking liquor is strictly prohibited within the hostel premises.

Instructions to Residents

(a) Washing and drying of clothes.

      (i)   Clothes should not be spread on windows, doors and balconies nor should be put on furniture to dry.

      (ii) Cloths should not be put in basins in bathrooms to be soaked.

(b) Lights all lights

      (i)   Students should switch off all lights when they leave rooms and   bathrooms.

     (ii) All the lights in parlors and rest rooms are switched off at 10.00 p.m.

(c) Solid waste

        (i)   Solid waste should not be put in corridors or the garden.

(ii) Residents are responsible for cleaning their rooms. Rooms should be swept daily and the waste should be kept outside the entrance to the room so that the domestic staff of the hostel can remove it.

 (d) Maintaining suitable noise levels

(i)  Residents should keep noise levels to a minimum from 9.30 p.m. to 6.00 a.m.

(ii) Residents are not permitted to play any musical instruments, listen to the radio or watch television between 9.30 p.m. and 6.00 a.m.

All the students of the hostels should obey the above rules and regulations. The warden has the power to punish the students who violate these rules and regulations. Possible punishments include:

  1. A fine of not more than Rs. 50/- and/or
  2. Suspending the right to use the hostel for a certain period of time

Whenever such a punishment is imposed, it is recording his/her personal file and the parents/guardians of the students are informed.