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ü  Coordinating internal research grants and distribution of funds to the academic staff of the university.

ü  Coordinating the distribution of funds for the field visits.

ü  Reimbursement for articles published in International Journal.

ü  Publication loans for Academic Staff members (Ph.D. Thesis & Publications)

ü  Distribution of University News Letter

ü  Coordinating and  printing of the following publications

  • Annual Report
  • Kalyani Journal (The academic journal)
  • Student Handbook (Sinhala & English versions)
  • University Calendar
  • Management Diary
  • Year Planner
  • Internal Telephone directory
  • University Corporate Plan and Action Plan
  • Ceremonial volume of Vice-Chancellors Award and Long Service Awards

 ü  Conducting following meetings of the committees (Monthly basis)

Research and Publications Committee

A Senate Sub Committee that monitors the functions and progress of internal research grants, field visits and publications of the University. Applications to be submitted for Research & Publications Committee

Research Council Meeting

A Senate Sub Committee that monitors the progress of research work of the University including Symposiums, e-repository, award of Senate Honors and Cash prizes, travel grants etc. for the improvement of research culture within the University.

Library Committee

A Senate Sub Committee that monitors the functions and activities of the Library.

Computer Committee

Monitors the current progress of ICT functions and developmentCoordinate and monitors the Core group for the establishment of an Open Source Community”. Purchasing software for the University, and Development of an integrated software.

Web MastersCommittee

Monitoring the University Website, Creating a Web Policy for the University and appointment of the Web Masters (University Web Master, Deputy Web Masters, Faculty Web Masters, Institute Web Masters, and Department Web Masters) for the improvement of the University web ranking.

Ethics Review Committee (ERC)

A Senate Sub Committee that considers the Ethical issues of the research work, granting ethical clearance and take decisions on the development of ethical practice. ERC of University of Kelaniya covers ethics aspects of research conducted by the Faculties. Applications for the Ethical clearance can be downloaded from official ERC Website. For further information please visit (

Corporate Plan Monitoring Committee

The monitoring Committee for the development of Annual Action Plan, 5 Years Corporate Plan and monitoring the progress report of the Action Plan of the University.