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General task of the Payments Division

Effecting payments listed below & keeping proper records & files in order to provide information where necessary.

Machinery Repair, Railway Warrant, Cheque issuing & Posting, Miscellaneous Advance, Field Trip Advance, Shroff Payments Advances, Supplies Advance, Petty Cash, Temporary Advance, Research Council Fund, Faculty Development Fund, Mahapola, Bursary, University Development Fund, Library Deposit, CDCE Fund, Telephone Bill (Personal) Reimbursement, Staff Development Programme, Holiday Payments, F.G.S. Development Fund, Ola Leaf Library payments, Library Books, KEID Projects payments, Research Center Development Fund, Miscellaneous Payments, Student Development Initiatives, Water, Electricity, Telephone Bill Payments, Examination Payments, Visiting lecture Payments, Recurrent Payments, Travelling Subsistence, Research & Publication Advance, Entertainment Allowance, Vehicle Repair Payments, Verification Payments, Phd/Master Fund, External Grant, Fee levying Courses Monthly Payments, Strengthen Research, Research Service Center Payments    


Keeping records and releasing payments for following fee levying activities.

Higher Diploma in Library & Information Science, Certificate Course in Counseling, Diploma in Psychology, MA in Dance Degree Programme, MA in Christian Studies, Diploma in Business, Higher Diploma in Business, Diploma in Business Finance, MSc Industrial & environmental Chemistry, Diploma in Correction & Rehabilitation for Prison Officers, Higher Diploma in Marketing, Diploma in Library & Information Science, M.A. /M.S.Sc. Degree Programmes (Social Science), Master of Business Management in Marketing, Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, Diploma in Library & Information Science, Diploma in Marketing, Diploma in Disaster Management, PGD/ M.Sc. in Food & Nutrition Programme, Postgraduate Diploma/M.Sc. Degree in Applied Microbiology, Diploma in Applied Chemistry, Diploma in Public & Media Relations Programme, Diploma in History, Postgraduate Diploma/Master of Human Resource Management Degree      


Reporting of payments on monthly and annual basis in respect of activities where necessary.