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Academic Division takes major part of the student registration. This division carrying out the registration of new students, and student’s Administrative registration of all the faculties.

Registration of the Students

Registration of the students of all the Faculties is carried out at the beginning of every academic year by the Academic Branch of the University. All students should get their registration renewed within the prescribed period of time as indicated by notices. Registration for Certificate Courses is also carried out by this branch.

The originals of certificates which are submitted at the time of first registration will be returned back to the students during the first registration upon submission of photocopies of the original certificates certified as accurate by a Justice of Peace or the Principal of the School.

Student Identity Cards

Every student should have a student identity card as long as she/he is an undergraduate registered at the University of Kelaniya. Accordingly, an identity card is issued to all registered students by the Academic Branch. In case the student identity card is lost, a copy should be obtained paying an extra fee of Rs. 500. The new identity card will be issued to the candidate upon submission of a Police statement on the loss of the identity card.

Student Record Books

A Student Record Book is issued to all the registered students by the Academic Branch. All students should get certification of their registration each academic year in this Student Record Book. If this Record Book is lost, a copy should be obtained on the payment of an extra fee.

Use of students name during period of registration

All the conditions stipulated in circular No 870 dated 02.12.2005 on the use of students' names within the university period issued by the University Grants Commission are given here for the information of all the students. All activities related to students' names are carried out as per the regulations of the said circular and the students should firmly keep in their mind not to do anything contrary to the said conditions.

(a) Change of names in degree certificates is accepted only if the proper legal procedure has been followed.

(b) The name stated in the degree certificate is the name by which the student registered for undergraduate courses.

(c) An internal change of a part of a name at the request of the student is allowed only when each such part is mentioned in the Birth Certificate.

(d) If an ordained student disrobes after registering according to a certain name for the Final Degree Examination, the degree certificate is issued in the name stated in the Birth Certificate.

 The Appeals Committee

If the students have any issue regarding the following matters, the Appeals Committee is established to solve such issues.

(a) Being unable to sit an examination on medical grounds or other reasons.

(b) Obtaining an extension for the admission/postponement of the academic year.

(c) Taking leave.

The requirements mentioned under above (a) can be submitted through Deputy Registrar/Examinations while the requirements mentioned under (b) and (c) can be submitted through the Dean of the relevant Faculty to the Appeals Committee.

A student shall complete the degree within 10 academic years from the date he/she registered with the university and appeals from students after 10   academic   years   from the date he/she first registered with the university shall not be considered. If medical reasons are cited, a Medical Certificate obtained from a government hospital should be submitted.


Instructions to be followed when requesting postponement of registration

(a) The students who wish to postpone registration in the first academic year   should submit the reasnos in writing before the commencement of the academic year.

(b) If medical reasons are cited, a Medical Certificate obtained from a government hospital should be submitted.

(c) If a Medical Certificate is obtained from a private doctor, it should be submitted with certification of the Chief Medical Officer of the University.

(d) If other reasons are submitted, written proofs pertaining to the said reasons should be submitted.

(e) If the said request/appeal is sent through Registered Post, it should be addressed to the Deputy Registrar/Academic, University of Kelaniya. If it is handed over to the University, it should be handed over to the Academic Branch.

(f) A receipt is issued certifying that the application was handed over by the applicant: this receipt should be retained with care.

This division further handling;

  • Maintenance of students personal files.
  • Senate Meeting.
  • CULTEC Meeting
  • Admission Committee Meeting
  • Appeals Committee Meeting
  • Scholarships and Gold Medals
  • Diploma Course (External) Registration
  • Printing and Issuing Student Identity Cards

The following scholarship & Gold Medals are available in the University.

  • Prof. D.J. Wijerathna Scholarship
  • Prof. H.H. Costa Memorial Scholarship
  • Agnus Peduru Mau-Piya Upahara Scholarship
  • Sarojini Jayawardena Scholarship & Gold Medals
  • Prof. F.R. Jayasooriya Scholarship & Gold Medals
  • Prof. S.B.P. Wickramasuriya Memorial
  • Prof. W.S KarunarathneScholarship
  • P.A.P.A.ChandresekaraScholarship
  • Prof. Dorick ZoosaScholarship
  • Rev. Sick Win Sin Award
  • Medha Sri Ariyawansa Donate
  • Buddhadsa GallappaththiScholarship
  • Rev. Dr. Kakkapalliye Anuruddha Swameedra Price/ Rev. Panditha Mudukatuwe Sri Ghanarama Swameendra
  • Hewanpola Sri Rathanasara Wellawatte Ananda Scholarship
  • Rev. Kudawelle Sri Wangeesa
  • Prof. Shelton Gunarathna
  • Dr. P.D. Kannangara
  • Merys Venner Foundation
  • Manthreerathne Memorial Scholarship
  • Prof. Leenus Silva Memorial Scholarship
  • Rahuala Pitha Memorial Scholarship
  • Prof. P.P. Jayawardhna Memorial Scholarship
  • Rathnakara Scholarship fund
  • Botany SocietyScholarship
  • Prof. AriyarathneScholarship
  • Shelton GunarathneScholarship